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swans,doves.robbins,wolfs,dolffins all mate for life so do cuddle fish and thats all i know of so mostly birds and aqwatic life.

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Q: Which organisms are involved in mutualistic relationship?
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What would a mutualistic relationship be?

When both organisms benefit from the intercourse.

What is the correct order for the inductive writing sequence?

Buffer, reasons, bad news, counterproposal, and desire to continue the relationship

What are the different kinds of relationship of organisms?

Parasitic, commensalistic, mutualistic, etc.

In a mutualistic relationship?

It is when 2 organisms dont help or hurt one another

What is the difference between a parasitic and mutualistic relationship?

Both are a relationship between two organisms, called a symbiotic relationship. A parasitic relationship is when one organism gains at the other organism's expense. An example of a parasitic relationship is a tick. A mutualistic relationship is when both organisms gain from each other. An example of this would be honeybees and flowering plants.

Do both organisms both benefits in a mutualism relationship?

Mutualistic- Both benefit Parasitic - One benefits and other suffers

What are some mutualistic relationships of organisms?


Can a human have both a mutualistic and pathogenic relationship with same organism?

Humans do have a mutualistic and pathogenic relationship with the same organism. This is the planet earth. We are constantly fighting to stay on the mutualistic side of the relationship vs the pathogenic.

How is a symbiotic relationship useful to an ecosystem?

A symbiotic relationship is the same as a mutualistic relationship, where both organisms benefit- For example, lions hunting for food- this enables a vast group of organisms to benefit and means that resources can be shared

What is the definition of mutualistic relationship?

symbiosis in which two organisms of different species stay near each other having both advantages.

Is an interaction between two or more organisms in which one species lives on or in another and both benefit.?

Mutualistic relationship

What is the physical relationship of the rhino and tickbird?

the answer is they have a mutualistic relationship