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which of these Natural Resources is not being renewed

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Q: Which of these is not an example of natural resources?
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What statement is not an example of use of natural resources?

which statementis not an example of the use of natural resources

What are the example of natural resources?

Examples of natural resources include water, air, forests, minerals, sunlight, and wildlife. These resources are derived from the environment and are essential for the survival of living organisms and the functioning of ecosystems.

What is an example sentence with natural resources?

Washington State's forests are one of their natural resources.In the 1800s, coal and oil were highly valued natural resources. Natural resources are often under threats from human activities.

An example of extracting of natural resources would be?

landscaping a lawn

Which are natural resources A trees B sunlight C plastic D water?

Natural resources are things found in the earth. Things that are not natural resources are things that are manmade. For example, a manmade resource includes a telephone. Plastic is not a natural resource. Trees, sunlight, and water are natural resources.

Name one important example of natural resources?

The river falls are very important natural resources because they are used in the generation of hydro-power.

What is an example of a readily renewable resources is?

Solar energy.

What are some example of non removable natural resources?

something to do with life

What are natural resources what are examples of natural resources?

Natural resources are materials or substances found in nature that can be used by humans for various purposes. Examples of natural resources include water, air, sunlight, soil, minerals, forests, and wildlife.

Give 5 examples of human resources?

Recruitment and selection: Identifying and hiring suitable candidates for job openings. Employee training and development: Providing opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. Performance management: Evaluating employee performance and providing feedback and rewards. Compensation and benefits: Managing employee salaries, bonuses, and other rewards. Employee relations: Handling conflicts, grievances, and fostering positive relationships among employees.

The availability of natural resources is important to any country's economy some natural resources are renewable which is an example of a renewable resource?

like biomass,biofuels,also water resources are kind of renewable types.

Japanese gardens are an example of what?

how people can use natural resources for artistic expression.