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Q: Which of these diseases was originally known as consumption?
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What diseases was originally known as consumption?

Tuberculosis was originally known as consumption.

What disease was originally know as consumption?


What possible diseases that might occur with over-consumption of snacks?

we might get addicted to it

If consumption is the process of using things making the things that are used known as?


What were Hebrews originally known as?

The Hebrews were originally known as Hebrews. Later, they became known as Israelites, then Jews.

A doctor who specialises in heart diseases is known as?

A doctor who specialises in heart diseases is known as a "Cardiologist".

Deseases in the 1500s?

Some prominent diseases in the 1500s were Malaria, Tuberculosis, (Known as Consumption) Smallpox, Parroticitis, Gangrene, Yellow Fever, and many others, though most diseases were simply diagnosed as Consumption. Scurvy was also common among sailors. Malaria was quite possibly the most deadly disease of the 1500s and 1600s. It was transferred by Mosquito bite, and was very common in tropical areas. The cure was quanine, but was largely unavailable due to it's exclusive growth in South America. Tuberculosis, or Consumption, was one of the most common diseases in the 16th and 17th centuries, though this is primarily attributed to the fact that nearly all diseases were labelled "consumption," because of the limited medical knowledge of the time.

Which of diseases is caused by the consumption of nitrate contaminated food and water?

Blue Baby Syndrome

What are 3 ways diseases can be spread?

It can happen by contact, inhalation, consumption, and by blood infection.

Colony originally known as new sweden?

Delaware was originally known as New Sweden.

What were the pilgrims originally referred to as?

They were originally known as The Puritans

Diseases caused by germ cell mutation?

Such diseases are known as birth defects, or congenital diseases.

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