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Sensationalized reporting of the news

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Q: Which of these best describes yellow journalism?
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Which term best describes this type of journalism?

Investigative journalism.

What is yellow jornalisom?

Yellow journalism is also known as the yellow press. Yellow journalism is journalism that is base upon sensationalism an crude exaggeration.

What describes the type of writing William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer used to sell more newspapers and to encourage Americans to declare war on Spain?

Sensationalist journalism, also known as yellow journalism, was the type of writing used by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. They exaggerated stories and used eye-catching headlines to attract readers and increase newspaper sales, particularly during the Spanish-American War. Their reporting helped shape public opinion and contribute to the push for U.S. involvement in the conflict.

Embellished (exaggerated) stories printed in newspapers were called?

Sensationalized news.

Why was yellow journalism important during the Spanish American war?

Journalism is too coal-black to be yellow. Journalism is more weak

American public opinion about cuba was most shaped by..?

Yellow Journalism Apex

Did Mark Twain write in the style of yellow journalism?

No, Mark Twain did not write in the style of yellow journalism. His writing style was primarily satirical, humorous, and focused on social commentary, rather than the sensationalist and exaggerated reporting associated with yellow journalism.

What style of journalism became popular in the 1880's?

Yellow Journalism

What was it called when the media tried to make the news very exciting to sell more newspapers?

yellow journalism

What is another term for Sensationalistic reporting?

yellow media

What does yellow journalism rely on?

Yellow journalism relies on sensationalism, exaggeration, and distorted facts to attract readers and increase circulation. It often prioritizes catchy headlines and images over objective reporting.

What influenced yellow journalism?

Jose's Mom