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Altered standards of care

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Q: Which of the following standards of care are often followed during a mass casualty event?
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Which of the following is not a goal when communicating with the public during a mass casualty event?

Assure the public that every thing is going to be fine

Can PCI security standards be found online?

Yes; PCI security standards can easily be found at the following address: They can also be obtained from the PA-QSA during the audit.

A sentence for casualty?

During his three tours in the 'Nam, he never once became a casualty.

Is it important to fill out a casualty report during first aid?

No. At least not DURING first aid but AFTER.

During Buddy Care for a nerve agent casualty no more how autoinjectors will be used?

Never administer more than 3 autoinjectors to a casualty.

What was the casualty count for Canadian soldiers who died during the war?


During which heat emergency should you provide the casualty with CeraLyte?


What was the casualty rate during the civil war?

It increased

What did the word Zulu stand for during the Vietnam War?

A casualty report

What should the casualty be wrapped in during direct cooling?

wt blankets and or sheets

During which heat emergency do you cool the casualty by sprinkling water on them?

heat exhaustion

When should you fill out a casualty report during first aid?

You should NEVER do it DURING first aid bu AFTER it.