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An organ that is much more noticeable in men than women is the larynx. This is also called the "Adam's apple". Other organs in only men that can be seen are the penis and testicles.

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A. Epiglotis. B mediastinum. C larynx d. Brknchi

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Q: Which of the following organs is noticeably more prominet in men than in women?
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What organs noticeably prominent in men than in women?

The external reproductive organs (penis and testes) are more prominent in men than in women, who only have the vulva and outer labia to show. In addition, the larynx (voice box) is more noticeable in men, in whom it's common called the "adam's apple."

How many organs total does a female have?

Women have five sexual organs.

What are the essential organs of reproduction in men and women called?

Hat are the essential organs of reproduction in men and women called

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Alcohol affects men and women differently due to biological differences in body composition and metabolism. Women typically have a higher percentage of body fat and lower levels of alcohol-metabolizing enzymes than men, which can lead to higher blood alcohol concentrations and increased risk of health issues. Additionally, hormonal differences can influence how alcohol is absorbed and processed in the body.

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Women have female reproductive organs and males have male reproductive organs. The female organs are the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina. The male organs are the testis, tubes that carry sperm and the penis.

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