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Antihyperlipidemic agent

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Q: Which of the following is not a type of cardiac medication?
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What type of muscles are the cardiac muscles?

cardiac muscles

What antiarrhythmic medication and powerful cardiac stimulant is derived from the foxglove plant?

== == Digoxin

Why is it important to tell the anesthesia about medication a person is taking?

The medication can have adverse effects on the anesthesia possibly leading to cardiac arrest and death.

Which type of muscle tissue is autorhythmic?

cardiac muscle

Which type of muscle is the heart made of?


Is cardiac a type of muscles?

Yes. Cardiac muscles are found in the heart which is why they call it cardiac arrest.

What medication is administered during resuscitation for cardiac arrest?

epinephrine 1mg then amiodarone

What are the primary tissue type?

Cardiac, smooth and skeletal.

What type of cardiac arrest did Michael Jackson endure?

cardiac arrest:((

What type of muscular tissues is involuntary and striated?

cardiac muscle

What type of tissue is cardiac tissue?

The heart is made mostly of cardiac muscle.

What are Acupressure precautions for cardiac patients?

In general, anyone receiving acupressure treatment, or even massage, need to find out the type of cardiac condition, since each one has its own particular symptomatology. If it is a case of high blood pressure and they are on medication, they will need to ask the client if it is under control before proceeding.