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Q: Which of the following is a secondary purpose of the health record?
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What is the secondary purpose of health record?

Health records are primarily meant to improve the quality of care delivery. The secondary purpose is to enhance patient safety by promoting better and connected care. Electronic Health Records would be the finest example to quote here. The purpose of EHR was to help physicians improve the care quality of healthcare and make it affordable along with improving patient safety through the use of features like preventive care mechanism etc.

Which of the following is not available to the public A Record of your mental health B Record of all your violations and crashes C Record of impaired driving convictions?

Answer A: Record of your mental health. Mental health records are protected by privacy laws and are not available to the public without your consent.

How do you use secondary source in a sentence?

You can use a secondary source in a sentence by referencing information or data obtained from another author's work, which is not the original source of the information being discussed. For example, "According to a secondary source, the study concluded that there is a correlation between exercise and mental health."

What is the primary purpose of a minimum data set in healthcare?

mandate all data that must be contained in a health record

What is school health record?

A school Health Record is a record your school makes to see if you have symptoms of a disease you are of having risk at.

For the court's purpose if documentation does not appear in the medical record?

For the court's purpose, if documentation does not appear in the medical record

What is the purpose of keeping a record of whether and treatments work effectively?

What is the purpose of keeping a record of whether medication

The historical record is made up of?

primary and secondary sources.

What are secondary keys?

Secondary keys are the database keys that hold the physical location of a portion of a record in a database or file. They provide a secondary way of accessing the information.

What is the purpose of adding points to a driver's record?

Both of the following, To keep track of drivers who get too many tickets. To warn, suspend or revoke licenses for bad drivers.

When a record is identified by a combination of two field is called?

secondary key

What is not a traditional health record format?

EMR- Electronic Medical record