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Gluten-free foods are usually the go-to option for those who are gluten-intolerant. These range from cereals to breads to snacks, even sweets. The best options are fresh produce and whole foods, which happen to be more natural than the gluten-free food anyway.

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Risotto will probably work. (All rice is gluten free). Alternatively, any kind of fish/poultry "en papillote" (placed on greaseproof paper, which is then folded to make a "parcel" around the meat and then baked) with a little wine, lemon juice, herbs and butter, potatoes and green vegetables in the parcel will be just fine.

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Orange Juice and Graham crackers
Popcorn and chips.

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Q: Which of the following foods would be the best choice for a person who's gluten-intolerant?
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