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Remember: Pure As Gold--- purines are arginine and guanine

so, pyrimidines must be thymine and cytosine


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Q: Which nucleotides are pyrimidines
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What nucleotides contain a single ring as their nitrogen base?

Pyrimidines are nucleotides that have a single ring as their nitrogen base. The two pyrimidines are Cytosine and Thymine.

Purines and pyrimidines are?

bases found in nucleotides :)

What are the five nucleotides?

The five nucleotides are adenine and guanine(purines), cytosine and thymine(pyrimidines), and uracil (which replaces thymine in RNA).

One of two pyrimidines used as a nitrogen base in nucleotides?

cytosine and guanine

What are the four types of nucleotides of RNA?

The purine are: Adenine and Guanine The pyrimidines are : Cytosine and uracil

What molecules make up the rungs of a DNa ladder?

purines, pyrimidines, nucleotides and nitrogen bases.

How would the deoxyribose sugar-phosphate backbone of nucleotides chains look if purines paired only with purines and pyrimidines paired with only pyrimidines?

It would look like a zig zag because purines are bigger than pyrimidines

What does DNA molecule contain?

DNA contains nitrogenous base pairs (purines and pyrimidines), along with deoxyribose sugar, nucleosides and nucleotides.

Which pair of nucleotides can be held together by weak hydrogen bonds?

DNA contains four nucleotide bases, which are adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine. The pairs of nucleotides that can be held together by weak hydrogen bonds are purines and pyrimidines.

In DNA molecules nucleotides bond together according to the nitrogenous bases Which of the following correctly describes how nitrogenous bases bond together?

Purines bond to pyrimidines

What happens in the bonding of two nucleotides?

During the bonding of two nucleotides hydrogen bonds are use and adenine and thymine bind together. It also causes purines to bind with pyrimidines, and double ring nitrogenous bases connect to single ring bases.

Addenine and guanine are single-ringed purines?

Adenine and Guanine are just purines (the other nucleotides are pyrimidines), and these have one 6-parts ring with 3-parts ring attached.

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