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Pitressin also known as vasopressin. It contains an antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin in a ratio of 20:1.

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Q: Which medications is given to stabilize fluid balance in patients with diabetes insipidus?
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What is the prognosis for patients with diabetes insipidus?

Uncomplicated diabetes insipidus is controllable with adequate intake of water and most patients can lead normal lives.

Is diabetes mellitus rare?

The rare types of diabetes are diabetes myelitis and diabetes insipidus. To pioneer ongoing research and developments in diabetes, Central BioHub presents wide range of human biospecimens collected from different patients diagnosed with diabetes. To earn more visit our website Central

What is a diabetes care specialist?

Specialists can prescribe medications, advise patients about dietary choices and teach patients about monitoring insulin levels.

Which is correct-patients diabetes or patients' diabetes?

Patients' diabetes. (just spell or grammar check it)

What are two symptoms of diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus (aka sugar diabetes) and diabetes insipidus (water diabetes) are totally unrelated, but do carry some of the same symptoms. Common symptoms among patients are extreme thurst and excessive urination.

What are the medications associated with diabetes?

Metformin is a common medication perscribed to patients with diabetes. This medication comes in several quanities and diabetics may take it once to four times daily.

What is the origin of the word diabetes?

Diabetes comes from the Greek word for "siphon". An Ancient Greek physician noticed that patients with diabetes excessively urinated, "siphoning" fluid out of their bodies. As a result, he named the condition diabetes. The full name is actually diabetes mellitus - mellitus is Latin for "honey-sweet", since the patient's urine was noticeably sweet. There is an unrelated condition, diabetes insipidus, that causes excessive urine as well -- but that urine is very dilute and has no taste.

Which are the best diabetes products on the market?

There are a number of medications and retail products which are indicated for individuals with diabetes. Metformin is a medication which is commonly utilized in such patients. Glucometers and test strips are recommended for use by diabetics as well.

What is VSL3?

it is a probiotic that helps stabilize your digestive system for patients with IBS

What would the color of urine be if you have kidney infection?

The colour of urine in diabetes (both, diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus) is very very pale yellow (almost colourless). This is because diabetes is characterised by polyuria ie, increased volume of urine output, which is majorly due to increased excretion of water from the body, the quantity of pigment urochrome (which gives the normal pale yellow colour to urine) remaining the same. This makes urine in diabetic patients more pale, almost colourless

What ternary compound is given to stabilize manic-depressive patients?


All patients with diabetes need injection?

False. Not all patients with diabetes need an injection. There is currently non injectable medication on the market used to adjust insulin levels and to control diabetes.