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Which ever it feels comfortable on I suppose...

Either is fine, I wear then around both ankles.

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Q: Which leg is your anklet supposed to go on?
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What does it mean if a guy has an anklet on his left leg?

It means he likes to wear an anklet on his left leg. Nothing more.

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Does an anklet go on the left or right leg?

you see, it goes where ever you want it to go! They go on both ankles, you have two after all.

Does the right leg anklet signify a hotwife but More specifically does a wife who wants extramarital sex wear an anklet on the right leg to display her availability?

Yes anklet one leg does signify she is a hotwife and ready for sexual encounters, but with whom ? Only with the male of her and her hubby's choice . That's equally true that a wife becomes a hotwife and wears the signal in form of anklet with her hubby's consent. So if you are a gentleman and know how to respect a woman she might probably fall for you, but just for sexual encounter.

When did Operation Anklet happen?

Operation Anklet happened on 1941-12-27.

Which knot can you use to tie an anklet?

A beautiful knot that can be used for an anklet, and it can be made from gold chain, is a 3 to 6 strand Turk's Head. As an anklet, the ends must be fused when it is completed.

Is it ok for a male to wear an anklet?

Yes, Its absolutely fine to wear an Anklet. Looks very beautiful.

Is it okay for women 60-70 to wear a anklet?

In my opinion, anyone at any age can wear an anklet!

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