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skin is the most effective sense organ. even in sleep it is active. a loud sound or smell you may not recognise but touch you can recognise.

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Q: Which is your sense organs are more sensitive?
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What part of the body does butterfly hear with?

Butterflies do not have ears in the traditional sense. Instead, they use sensory organs called tympanic organs located on their wings to detect sound vibrations. These organs are more sensitive to low-frequency sounds and help butterflies navigate and communicate with each other.

Are the sense organs of animals are better than human sense organs?

No humans sense organs are better than animals sense organs.

The organs most sensitive to deprivation of oxygen are the heart and?

The organs most sensitive to deprivation of oxygen are the heart and the brain.

What is the synonym for the word sense organs?

Sense organs is not a word, but a phrase. You would have to list the various organs.

What are ways to keep the sense organs healthy?

ways of sense organs healthy

What is the function of the grasshopper antennae?

The antennae are sensitive organs that sense smell and vibration.

What do bees feelers do?

A bee's antennae (feelers) are their organs of scent detection -- many, many times more sensitive than a human nose. The are also organs of touch.

Why are there whiskers?

Cat's whiskers are highly sensitive "organs". The roots of these whiskers go much deeper than regular hairs, and at the base have very sensitive nerves. The cat uses the whiskers to sense movement and also to feel out it's surroundings.

What is punctate distribution in regard to sense organs?

in regard to sense organs, what is punctate distribution?

Why are sense organs important to livig organisms?

Why are sense organs important to living organisms

What are the types of sense organs according to location?

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Do butterflies have any special sense organs?

a monarch butterflies special sense would be its antennae which at the tip of them has highly sensitive smell receptors. That can pick up traces of chemicals that human nose cannot detect.