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Decerebrate posture is generally considered worse.

Decerebrate posturing is characterized by adduction, internal rotation, and extension of the arms with the writs pronated and the fingers flexed. The legs are stiffly extended and the feet are in plantar flexion. Sometimes, in more severe cases, the back may be arched. This posture indicates damage damage to the upper brain stem, which could result from direct injury, or primary lesions like infarction, hemorrhage, or tumor; or other causes.

Decorticate posture is characterized by adduction AND flexion of the arms (in decerebrate the arms are straight, and the wrists and fingers are flexed on the chest, seeming to mimic a protective position. The legs are extended and internally rotated (feet turned inward toward each other), and the feet are in plantar flexion. This can occur on only one side or both sides. This position usually results from a head injury or a stroke and it indicates corticopsinal damage, which means the nerves that carry impulses from the cerebral cortex to the brain are damaged. It is very serious, but it generally has a more favorable prognosis than decerebrate posturing. However, it is possible for decorticate posturing to progress to decerebrate posture if the damage is near enough the brain stem.

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Q: Which is worse decorticate or decerebate posturing?
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Which is worse-decorticate or decerebate posturing?

Decerebrate posturing is worse. Both are primitive behavior responses to brain injury. In Decorticate posturing, the hands or arms are posturing towards the spine (inward), which is a primitive protective response. In Decerebrate posturing the hands are directed away from the body or spine, which is no attempt to guard the body at all. Usually Decerebrate posturing indicates more extensive brain damage.

What is the difference between decerebrate and decorticate posturing?

In decerebrate posturing (extensor) rigidity, all four limbs are extended and the hands are pronated. In decorticate (flexor) rigidity, the arms, wrists, and fingers are flexed.

Decerebrate and decorticate posturing is an indication of?

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If decorticate posturing is present the lesion is?

Anatomic location of the lesion would be below the cortex, in the white matter or the cerebral hemispheres or upper part of the brain stem.

What is the difference between a light coma and a deep coma?

A light coma is present when reflex motor responses (i.e. decorticate and decerebate) can be elicited by noxious (adversive) stimulation. With a deep coma, there is no response to any sort of stimulus.

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