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A present for the wife?

Relationship issues?

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Q: Which is the thing that a man can ask from his father mother sister brother son daughter but not from his wife?
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Can you have an affair with your dads sisters daughter?

My father was my brother and my sister was my mother

What do your uncle's brother's sister's mother's grandson's mother's daughter's aunt seem to you?


Why in general mothers-sisters feel that son-brother's wife will take away their son-brother but don't feel that daughter-sister's husband will take away their daughter-sister?

Answer:Because daughter-sister-father feel son-brother-mother-daughter is take away their daughter-daughter-uncle but brother-mother-father think son-mother-father-daughter go away to brother-sister-mother. Answer:This question is based on a rather doubtful assumption, unless, perhaps, it applies to some specific region or culture. As a general proposition, any answer would be purely speculation and of little value.

What is the relation to you of your sister's sister-in-law's daughter?

There are three possibilities:If you are male, your sister's sister-in-law could be your wife. Then the sister-in-laws's daughter is yourdaughter.Your sister's sister-in-law could be the wife of your brother. Then the sister-in-law is your sister-in-law, too, and her daughter is also your brother's daughter and thus your niece.Your sister's sister-in-law could be the sister of your sister's husband. Then the sister-in-law is not related to you, and neither is her daughter.

How are you related to your father's sister's daughter?

Your father's sister's (or brother's) daughter (or son) is your first cousin.

What is the closest relationship that your father's sister-in-law could be to you?

The sister-in-law of your father's only brother could be your mother. If, instead, she is the sister of your uncle's wife, she is not related to you at all. You share no common ancestor with her.

How are you related to your mother's sister's husband's nephew's niece?

Your mother's husband is your father or step-father. His brother-in-law is either the husband of his sister or the brother of your mother. * The brother of your mother is your uncle. * The husband of your father's sister is your uncle. * The husband of your step-father's sister is your step-uncle if you like him or if you are required to associate with him a lot. If you don't deal with him much, then you can consider him not to be related to you. So you have either an uncle, a step-uncle, or no relation.

Is your father's mother's elder sister's son's daughter sister or second cousin?

Let's break this down:Father's mother's elder sister: your father's aunt, which makes her your great aunt.Your great aunt's son is your father's cousin. Your father's cousin's daughter is your father's niece, which is your 2nd cousin (shared great-grandparents).Father's mother = grandmotherFather's mother's (elder) sister = great-auntFather's mother's (elder) sister's son = 1st cousin once removed (father's 1st cousin)Father's mother's (elder) sister's son's daughter = 2nd cousinIt could be your daughter or niece (brother's daughter) if your great-aunt (your father's aunt) married your father. But it could not be your sister, because it's impossible for your father to be his mother's son and also his aunt's (mother's sister's) son. Unless of course there was some IVF of donated eggs, or that sort of thing.

Who married brother and sister?

Abraham married his half sister Sarah. Gen:20:12: And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife.

When was Mother Father Brother Sister created?

Mother Father Brother Sister was created on 1998-06-24.

How is your mom's sister-in-law's niece related to you?

Your mother's sister-in-law is either the wife of her brother (your uncle), or your father's sister (your aunt). The niece of your uncle's wife is not related to you, unless she is you, your sister, or a girl cousin who is the daughter of another of your mother's brothers or sisters. The niece of your father's sister is you, your sister, or the daughter of another of your father's brother's or sisters. If your father's sister is married, she may have nieces who are the daughters of her husband's brothers or sisters. Those nieces are not related to you.

What relation is your aunt's husband's sister's daughter to you?

Your aunt is either your parent's sister or the wife of your parent's brother. If she is your parent's sister, her husband, his sister and her daughter are not related to you. If your aunt is the wife of your parent's brother, then her husband's sister is your mother (and her daughter is you or your sister) or she is another of your aunts (and her daughter is your first cousin).