Which is the laughing element?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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In the Periodic Table of elements there isn't one for laughter. If there was one maybe it could be called Gigglentium, or Gg. On a more serious note, we really don't know what composes humor, except that we certainly know when it it there. They have a saying that goes 'Dying is easy, comedy is hard.' That's probably why it is considered such an art and the comedians that find the right elements to put together for a funny are called artisits.

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Q: Which is the laughing element?
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Is laughing gas an element?

Laughing gas is actually Nitrous Oxide (NO), a compound, not element

What element makes up gas'?

Laughing Gas is N2O, so nitrogen and oxygen

What element does laughing gas ammonia fertilizer nitroglycerin and the earth's atmosphere have in common?

The answer is oxygen.

What element makes up laughing gas?

Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a compound made up of one nitrogen atom and two oxygen atoms (chemical formula: N2O).

Which element in a drama is most important?

It depends on what you're learning style is But i would say it's trying to keep SERIOUS - this includes no laughing!!!

What element makes up 80 percent of normal air and can b used to make laughing gas?

Nitrogen makes up approximately 80% of normal air and can be used to make laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide.

What element is used to fill light bulbs and is also known as laughing gas?

Helium is a light bulbs filler gas. Due to different speed of sound, inhaling helium would made a duck like sound when speak. However, helium is not the laughing gas (though it give out funny effect). Laughing gas is actually nitrous oxide.

In Buddhism what does mi-lo-fo mean?

it means laughing buddha laughing laughing Buddha laughing Buddha

What does LRL stand for in text?

1) Laughing Rolling Laughing 2) Laughing Really Loud

What is the fullform of LOL?

The most common use of LOL is Laugh out loud.

What is a laughing spell?

A laughing spell is when a person either finds something funny or, the are nervous and break out into laughing and it is difficult for them to stop laughing.

Why You don't like laughing?

everyone should like laughing. Laughing is very healthy for you.