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your friends drink

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Q: Which is not a reason to abstain from alcohol?
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Sentence with abstain?

Many communities offer programmes that encourage kids to abstain from alcohol and drug use.

What is a sentence with the word abstain in it?

Rather than vote yea or nay, I choose to abstain.

When it came to alcohol pinkie brown chose to do what?

Abstain ?

Drinking little or no alcohol means what?

You abstain, you are a teetotaler.

The four rules of behavior for Buddhism?

Buddhists have five precepts or ethic requirements that they must adhere to. They must abstain from killing, abstain from taking what is not given, abstain from sexual misconduct, abstain from false speak, and abstain from drinking alcohol.

When should you definitely abstain from using alcohol?

You should abstain from alcohol: - if you're pregnant - if you plan to operate a machine that could cause injury - if you are taking medication that could cause a contrary interaction

What action should you not take if friends do not accept your decision to abstain from alcohol?

apologize to them

Jonas Brothers have experimented with marijuana?

I shouldn't think so seen as tho they abstain from sex, alcohol and drugs.

Which is not a way to help a friend stick to a decision to abstain from alcohol?

Say that you will leave a party after just one drink.

Do Mennonite people drink alcohol?

As a denomination, No. Most fundamental protestant denominations abstain from Alcohol. Some use it in Communion but most use grape juice.

What happens if you eat on ash Wednesday?

If you are over the age of six and do not have a legitimate reason to fast and abstain from eating meat (health or age, for example) you are bound by the rule to abstain under pain of serious sin.

What does Baptist abstained from?

Not all baptist are alike so not all of them will abstain from the same things but some abstain from any form of tobacco, alcohol, and modernist views. Some more fundamentalist will abstain from modern styles of dress and fashion, Rock, Rap, and even Christian rock music, TV, and movies. Anything that is to worldly.