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Many, many things are not part of the treatment for shock. The question needs rephrasing.

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Q: Which is not a part of the treatment for shock?
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Is not part of the treatment for shock?

there is not enough information to answer this question

Not part of the treatment for shock?

Only allow to drink water

When was Shock Treatment - Edgar Winter album - created?

Shock Treatment - Edgar Winter album - was created in 1974-05.

Is shock treatment legal?

Yes, shock treatment (also known as electro-convulsive therapy) is legal and is still performed by psychiatrists.

How were people with shell shock treated?

For the most part, shell shock was not recognized as an illness or health condition. Therefore, there was no treatment in place. Even today our soldiers with diagnosed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress - should not be disorder but Syndrome), have trouble receiving proper treatment.

An Airman has been injured by a roadside bomb Hei s breathing and you have stopped his bleeding Now you are prepared to treat for shock what is not part of the treatment for shock?

This is a multiple choice question without any options!

What was ECT first called?

"shock treatment."

How reduce insanity by shock treatment?

I have never heard of someone getting shock treatment to induce insanity but to reduce depression. one flew over the coco's nest with jack Nicholson & Louise fletcher was just a bit inaccurate in the things that shock treatment were done for.

What is the second step in shock treatment?

maintain airway

What was Electroconvulsive therapy first called?

"shock treatment."

Insulin shock is a form of what?

over treatment of insulin

How do you clear green pool water?

Shock treatment.