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"So close and yet so far" is the more common, but both imply the same thing.

(The comparison uses a metaphorical meaning for far: distant as in not emotionally close. The close is physical distance, the far is relational distance. )

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Q: Which is correct grammar for the phrase So close and yet so far or So near and yet so far?
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Does the phrase your so near yet your so far is a correct grammar?

yes,but it is a kind of idiomatic expression

Is As you near closer to your destination correct grammar?

No. Leave out "closer to" and it's fine.

Locate the adverb phrase and the word or phrase it modifies you stopped near a mountain stream?

If you're using AOA the correct answer is: Adverb phrase: near a mountain stream Modified: stopped

Is it correct English to say close vicinity?

It is OK to use close vicinity but the phrase is a little redundant and there are better ways to express proximity to. Use, "near, next to, adjacent to, in the vicinity of", etc. Set up your phrase like this: In the vicinity of the shopping mall, close to the entrance. I will meet you there. Better sentence structure and proper that way.

Which is correct - Why is it your so close and yet so far or so near and yet so far?

so close but yet so far.

Word that rhymes with got and means near?

Hot. Example: "I guess the answer is: England." "Not correct." "Am I close?" "You're getting warmer." "Britain" "You're close, you're hot..."

Will you be gone it is not yet near day?

No, I will not be gone, as it is not yet close to day.

Is the phrase in the days ahead correct?

"In the days ahead" is a perfectly acceptable way of saying "in the future", keeping in mind that it usually means "in the very near future.

Which is the correct phrase you are at the beach or you are on the beach?

The correct phrase is you are at the beach.Both are correct depending on you are . If you are not inside the beach properly you are at the beach, and if you are inside it you are on the beach.You are walking on an avenue and the beach is near to the avenue, you are at the beach. As soon as you leave the avenue and enter the beach, you are on the beach.

Differentiate between the words close vs near?

Close - means: very near (close race) or intimate (close friend)Near - means: closely related (near neighbors) or narrow margin ( a near victory)

What is the definition of near?

to be close by or near

What word can mean both near and sultry?