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It helps adolescents discover their own values.

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Q: Which is a result of questioning the beliefs of others?
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Who was the philosopher who examined beliefs and idea through critical questioning?


The spirit of questioning old beliefs and forming new opinions generally to be described as?


What was ann Hutchinson best known for?

she was known for getting banned from a stateANSWER:She was banished from the colony of Massachusetts, for questioning the religious beliefs and practices of the religious leaders.

What are some of the problems that jem and scout encounter as a result of their fathers defending a black man accused of rape?

Loss of respect by their peers. Name-calling. Questioning their father's motives, among others.

Is there something wrong with me if I believe in God?

There is certainly nothing wrong with you just because you believe in a deity. This kind of belief has been part of human culture for as long as it has existed, no matter what your beliefs are concerning origins of the world and of life. Go as deeply into the world of your faith and belief as you can, if that is your desire. On the other hand, there is certainly nothing wrong with wondering about and questioning your beliefs, and going fearlessly wherever your explorations lead you, short of doing anything that could hurt others or yourself. If faith is real, and if you have it, questioning and exploring can only leave you stronger.

Have scientific beliefs ever bee proven wrong?

All the time. Science is the act of questioning everything, including what you already think you know.

How you can ensure personal attitudes and beliefs do not?

· Being aware of own personal attitudes and beliefs, · being open and Understanding to others attitudes and beliefs · respecting the differences between own and others

Socrates used the socratic method of questioning to?

help others seek truth and self-knowledge

Do you have opinions of slavery?

I find that slavery was and is the most discouraging moment in U.S. History.. I also think that slavery is the result of one very lazy person spreading his or her beliefs on others..

Why do you guys keep questioning?

Questioning is the art of human inquisitiveness to seek truth by collaborating facts/informations from different sources and to delve deep into the psyche of the social milieu of the diverse human thoughts and beliefs in a logic scientific method to arrive at an inference.

Who speads his or her religious beliefs to others?


Someone who is tolerant is?

Respectful of others beliefs or practises.