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This is a very interesting question and I'm sure the answers will be different in different parts of the world. In Africa, the Anopheles mosquito carries deadly malaria. Lots of people die of cerebral malaria, and there are hundreds of new infections every day. Even if people don't die, they have a serious health problem. Flies carry all sorts of diseases, and are never good news. They are implicated in Trachoma, which causes blindness to millions of children every year. Fleas on rats carried Black Death or Bubonic Plague and killed thousands in Europe during the middle ages. I'm not sure if these are classified as insects, but: Some spider bites are deadly. Some lice carry Typhus. Ticks carry Borrelia and Rickettsial illnesses, as well as necrotic hyloma There is an article on it here

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Q: Which insect is the most dangerous to your health?
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