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Their are many diffrent answeres the cotten denim was the most effective insulation when i did the experiment. But it depends on the wayb that you test.

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Q: Which form of insulation is most effective?
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Which is the most effective soundproofing insulation material?

There Are Many Good Soundproofing Insulation Materials, but Insulation and Mass-Load Vinyl Seem to Be the Best. Mass-Loaded Vinyl and Insulation Are Good for Filling Gaps.

What type of blinds provide the most insulation value?

Wood blinds are the most effective at providing insulation value. Wood is a dense material that will serve to block heat from entering the house. Light color blinds are more effective at this than dark colored blinds.

Different types of insulation used for transformers?

Most transformers are insulated with polymers or porcelain. Some transformers have an oil based insulation which must be kept dry to remain effective.

How effective is cellulose insulation?

Cellulose is considered to be as effective as fibreglass insulation. It has a number of advantages - it is environmentally friendly as it does not require chemical synthesis and is relatively cheap.

Would batt be an form or type of insulation?

A batt is a form of insulation; instead of being a roll (as most insultion comes), a batt is usually a rectangular piece of insulation. A batt usually has a high R value and it is a lot thicker than most insulation so it is impractical to try to have it in rolls as they would be too large to handle easily.

How does insulation affect body temperature?

Insulation affects body temperature by keeping heat around your body to keep your blood flowing. The most useful insulation article is usually wool. Several thin layers of insulation are more effective than fewer thick layers.

Is foamed-in-place a form or type of insulation?

Is foamed-in-place a form or type of insulation?

Why are walls stuffed will fiberglass insulation?

Because that's the most efficient and cost-effective way to insulate house walls.

What is the purpose of insulation on the electric wire?

When someone says 'wire' and 'insulation' they typically refer to 'electrical insulation' (as opposed to, say, thermal insulation). Electrical insulation prevents electricity from leaving the wire from things that the wire touches (like your hand!). The most common form of insulation for wires is plastic, like all your cords use.

What nutrient provides the most concentrated form of and maintains body temperature by providing insulation?

I believe that is fat.

Which is NOT a form or type of insulation?


Is corrugated cardboard a safe option for insulation?

Not only is cardboard a safe option for insulation it can also be a very cost-effective one. Although cardboard is flammable so are other types of insulation.