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a helthy diet is a mixxed amount of food groups

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Q: Which food is healthy for humans mixed food or diet food?
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What is a mixed diet?

a diet where we are eating junkfood and healthy food together is called mixed diet

What contributes to a healthy diet?

healthy food

how can i eat healthy food?

it not hard just slowly introduce healthy food in your diet.

Why we kill animals for food?

Humans are omnivores- we eat plants AND meat. For many people it is difficult to eat a healthy diet with no meat at all.

Would you die if you always eat meat?

Humans need a variety of different food to be healthy. You may not die from only consuming meat, but you would not be as healthy as someone with a balanced diet.

What is healthy for a dog to eat?

diet dog food

What is Bruno Mars's diet?

Food that is healthy

What is Jessica Ennis diet?

healthy food

What is Abby Wambach's diet?

healthy food

What is the special diet for teenager?

Healthy food.

Why are need food?

They help you to keep a healthy diet.

What to not eat in the south beach diet?

healthy food