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First we should answer whаt іѕ thе ketogenic diet?

Thе ketogenic diet, оr keto fоr short, іѕ a style оf eating thаt focuses оn, fіrѕt аnd foremost, keeping carbs vеrу lоw аnd secondly, hаvіng a high-fat consumption; уоu mау аlѕо hear іt referred tо аѕ “high fat-low carb” diet. A hallmark оf thіѕ wау оf eating іѕ tо рut thе bоdу іntо a ‘fat burning state’ whеrеbу thе bоdу burns mоrе fat compared tо whаt уоu wоuld оn a high carb diet. In dоіng ѕо, уоur bоdу converts fats іntо lіttlе molecules called ketone bodies, whісh саn contribute tо ATP (cellular energy). Bу teaching thе bоdу tо rеlу оn аn alternate source оf energy аѕіdе frоm glucose, we’re аblе tо alter hоw іt uѕеѕ energy.

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Keto diet is so good I had tried it

And i get my diet from her

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Q: Which diet is best for losing weight Keto or something else?
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How soon does one start losing weight?

Diet and exercise is always the best way to lose weight.

Are there any supplements available to aid in losing weight quickly?

I would not recommend using any supplements to aid in losing weight. Most have side effects and you will usually gain the weight back quickly. The best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise.

Where can I read reviews on the best diets for losing weight? has some reviews about diets. Another good resource is .

What is the best kind of rice for losing weight?

brown rice

Best way to get a six pac?

by losing weight, and exercising

What is the best diet paln available?

No one can tell you what is the best diet plan available, because what is best for someone else may not be suitable for you. But a healthy diet and exercise is always a good option for losing weight.

What is the best indicator that the body is losing weight during a workout?


What are the best prescription pills for losing water weight?

The best prescription pills for losing water weight are Bumetanide (Bumex), Furosemide (Lasix), and Torsemide(Demadex). These pills are considered to be the strongest available diuretics.

What is the best diet plan to keeps off weight?

If you wanna have really good meal plan that can balance your carbs,proteins and lots of vegetables,then you need to check out the Personalized KETO Diet Plans by KETO FIT.It is something that really hepled me lose weight and stay on healthy side Here is the link where I bought it:htt p://bi and remove the spaces)

Which diets work the best and are the most popular for losing weight and keeping it off?

There are many different diets out there that guarantee losing a ton of weight, but the best diets are ones that include exercise as well. Another important thing to keep in mind is what nutrients you are taking in from the foods you are eating. Dieting should not just be about losing weight, but about eating healthier in general.

What is the best supplement to take while losing weight?

Probably the best thing is to exercise. Nothing can replace exercise. If you believe a supplement is right for you, take something low in calories and high in fiber. Be careful when purchasing protein products for some are meant to gain weight.

What is a fast way to lose weight?

The fastest way to lose weight is not always the best way to lose weight. However, the HCG diet is very successful for many. to learn more about this diet, visit the following: