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Italy is the correct answer

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Q: Which country introduce face powder
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When was Powder Her Face created?

Powder Her Face was created in 1995.

When was Powder Your Face with Sunshine created?

Powder Your Face with Sunshine was created in 1948.

The first country to introduce cellular phones?

the first country to introduce cellular phones was japan

What are different powers?

face powder

Who invented face powder?


Who invented the face powder?

Riona did.

What is a good brand of face powder to use to get rid of shine?

I would use the face powder that is made by the brand called Coty.

What are compound words with the word face in them?

facelift, face cream, deface, face powder, pretty face,

What country did Mussolini introduce to socialism?

Mussolini did not introduce socialism to anyone, because he was a fascist.

What is loose shimmer powder?

its like a powder eye shaddow same as a loose face powder or if its not that it could be like a loose powder highlight

Can you spritz your face after applying powder? spritz your face but do not hose down your face. if you spritz your face it lightly sets the powder and it makes it look more natural an it takes away the powdery finish and cakiness.

What do Maybelline Mineral Powder products do for your face?

Maybelline Mineral Powder products do a lot for one's face. Maybelline Mineral Powder products are makeup products that make skin clearer and smoother.