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Dessert countries ie. Iraq, Israel, Sahara dessert. Not Australia but it has plenty of access to fresh water.

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Many sub-saharan African countries

possibly Japan and India.

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The ney York Yankees

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Q: Which countries have the least access to fresh water?
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What is the country with the least access to fresh water?


What countries don't have access to fresh water?

middle east, and africa

Why do many oil rich nations of the Middle East have to import fresh water?

They are desert countries, so while they have sufficient petroleum to pay for fresh water, they do not have direct access to fresh water.

Which country has the least access to water?

Kuwait suffers from lack of fresh water, more than any other nation. And Africa too. Africa does not have fresh water at all.

Do horses need access to fresh water at all times?

Horses need access to drinkable water daily. Horses will not eat if they do not have water. It does not need to be fresh from the tap daily, but needs to be refilled daily and dumped out and washed at least monthly.

A horse should have access to fresh water true or false?

Well, yes, horses should always have access to fresh water.

Does Zimbabwe have access to fresh water?


How do countries benefit from their water ways?

To get fresh water

Does a cat need a certain size or depth of their water bowl?

Not necessarily , the key point here is access to fresh water . Simply place fresh water out for your pet where they can have ready access to water .

Why is there no access to fresh water?

There is. People drink it everyday.

What countries do not have a fresh water supply?


What continents is freshwater located?

All of the continents have fresh water and Asia has the least amount of fresh water.