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mental health, and physical health.

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Q: Which components of health involves avoiding drugs and alcohol?
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Physical health can be maintained by avoiding what?

Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

How does the 6 components of health have an impact on an individual?

Healthy drinking Healthy eating Healthy thinking Moderate exercise No smoking Avoiding anti-biotics

Why is binge drinking bad for you?

Because binge drinking involves consuming an excessive amount if alcohol that can lead to health and safety problems.

What can prevent prostate enlargement?

Avoiding things like tobacco and alcohol can reduce the risk factor. Taking a multivitamin that contains zinc may improve prostate health.

Examples for each of six components of health?

What are the six components of health?

What type of health involves the condition of your body?

Physical health is the form of health that involves the condition of the body. Other forms of health are mental and spiritual health.

What are the components of health care delivery system?

what are the components of Philippine health care delivery system?

What are its integral components of health education?

science and health

what are the five components holistic health?

what are the components of physical fitness

What are the componets of health?

Health is a state of well being when all the health components are in balance. There are a total of six components of health. These are physical , social , environmental , mental , emotional and spiritual .

When was Alcohol Health Alliance UK created?

Alcohol Health Alliance UK was created in 2007.

How does alcohol affect your social health?

one cannot know how alcohol affects your social health