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Curt Mast developed Jagermeister. He was an avid hunter, and the word "Jagermeister" translated means "hunting master". It was originally developed as a cough suppressant.

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2013-04-03 00:27:36
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Q: Which company does Jagermeister originate from?
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Who are jagerettes?

They are girls who are employed as promotional models by the Sidney Frank importing company, the company that imports Jagermeister. The girls dress in Jagermeister uniforms, consisting of an orange halter top or an orange corset with the Jagermeister logo, black skirt or shorts, high heeled shoes and often wear fishnet tights. The girls go out on pub crawls, do tastings at liquor stores, and appear at various events to promote the Jagermeister brand. Often the girls have free Jagermeister merchandise to give out at whatever venue they are appearing.

How many calories are in jagermeister?

There are about 103 calories in a shot of jagermeister.

How many calories in jagermeister?

There are about 103 calories in a shot of jagermeister.

How many carbohydrates are in a shot of jagermeister?

There are no carbohydrates in a shot of Jagermeister. There is also no protein. One shot of Jagermeister contains about 100 calories.

How many calories are in 25ml of Jagermeister?

There are about 87 calories in 25ml of Jagermeister.

What is the symbol for jagermeister?

The symbol for Jagermeister is a deer's head with a cross between the antlers.

What is important about monasteries?

Jagermeister was first made in a monastery and Jagermeister is very important.

Is there deer blood in jagermeister?

No, this is a popular myth. jagermeister does not contain deer or elk blood

Is there opium in jagermeister?


How many calories are in an ounce of Jagermeister?

There are 103 calories in one ounce (one shot) of Jagermeister.

What is the name of the alchoholic beverage that has a deer on it and is imported from Germany?


Is there blood in jagermeister?

No, the brewing process used to make jagermeister would not support blood content.

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