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firbrocartilage makes up the intevertebral discs.

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Q: Which body tissue makes up the intervertebral discs?
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Where is fibrocartilage found in the body?

Symphysis pubis, intervertebral discs, menisci, tmj, and annulus fibrous

What is the function of the intervertebrae discs?

The major function of an intervertebral disc is to absorbs shock.

What is caritlage?

Cartilage is the strong, yet flexible connective tissue that's mainly found in your nose, ears, knee, rib cage, ankle, elbow, bronchial tubes, joints, and intervertebral discs. (that's why those parts of your body can bend easily).

What is the cartilage pads of the spine called?

The fibrocartilage cushions between the vertebrae in the column are named for their positions along the vertebral bodies, and are called the intervertebral disks. They have a thick outer ring of cartilage called the Annulus Fibrosus as well as a much softer center called the Nucleus Pulposus. This is not where the nerve tissue passes through, as some would suggest. Its purpose is to allow the joints to flex to some degree and to provide cushion for any axial compression that may occur. The only exception to the disk arrangement is that the first cervical vertebra does not have a body to articulate with the vertebra below it.The cartilage between the vertebrae of the spine forms the spinal discs, or intervertebral fibrocartilage. Each disc has a tough outer ring surrounding more flexible fibers that float in a protein gel. There are 23 discs in the entire spine.

What is the the spongy material found between the vertebrae called?

The part between the vertebrae is called the intervertebral disk. In the center of the disk is a the spngey part called the nucleus pulposus.

What makes the bulk of your body tissue?


Does cartilage form a protective cover for organs?

Yes, it makes part of protective parts of the rib cage, ear, nose, bronchial tubes, and intervertebral discs. But is more present in joints, between bones... It's a flexible connective tissue, found in many areas of the human body and other animals. It doesn't specifically protect organs, once it's more related to bones, and as a specie of modelling of the nose, ear, etc.

What is the main purpose of the spine?

1. To support the weight of the head, peripherals and trunk 2. To provide stability to the general structure of the whole body and maintain its shape and posture 3. To protect the spinal cord 4. To provide shock absorption by way of intervertebral discs and primary and secondary spinal curves 5. To permit and restrict movements by way of intervertebral discs, facets, ligaments and muscle attachments 6. To store some of the bodies minerals, such as calcium

What body joint s commonly need replaced?

Arthroplastic prostheses are available for Hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles and toes and more recently, intervertebral discs

What tissue makes up organs that send messages to control body?

Nervous Tissue(s)

What tissue makes up the organs the send messages to control the body?

Nervous Tissue(s)

What tissue makes up organs that send messages to control the body?

Nervous Tissue(s)