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Which body change is not triggered by epinephrine is slowing of breathing.

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Q: Which body change is not triggered by epinephrine?
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Is epinephrine basic drug?

epinephrine is produced by your body, and is also known as adrenaline.

How does the secretion of epinephrine prepare the body for emergencies?

It initiates the flight or fight response within the body. Epinephrine is just another word for adrenaline. It causes your heart to beat rapidly.

Is epinephrine a sedative?

Epinephrine is pure adrenaline. It won't put you to sleep when administered, but instead give your body a burst of energy and pump your heart rate up.

Adrenal medulla produces what large amounts of the hormone?

epinephrine and norpepinephrine

How does barometric pressure affect migraines?

Migraines are triggered by things that change the physiology of the body. Anything that can create changes within the body may trigger a Migraine. Barometric pressure that is too high may create changes that trigger a Migraine attack for some patients. For others a low pressure may trigger the attack. Still others are triggered by the change of pressure.

What reflex is triggered to warm your body?


When the body stresses adrenal glands release epinephrine which do what to the heart rate?

Increase heart rate

What drugs speeds up neural activity by increasing the body's production of epinephrine?


What are the two neurohormones found in sympathetic or adrenergic nerves?

Epinephrine or adrenaline, and non epinephrine or noradrenaline.

If the connection between the anterior pituitary and the hypothalamus were severed how would this effect the secretion of epinephrine?

The connection between the anterior pituitary and the hypothalamus is necessary for survival because specific releasing hormones in the hypothalamus trigger the production and release of hormones made in the ant. pit. Seeing how the secretion of epinephrine would be triggered in the adrenal medula by a hormone produced in the ant. pit., I believe that the secretion of epinephrine would not occur if the connection between the hypothalamus and ant. pit. were to be severed.

How are events in the menstrual cycle triggered by the body?

the changing levels of hormones within the female body..

When the body senses a state of hypoperfusion the sympathetic nervous system releases epinephrine the effects of which include?