Which Organ is known food pipe?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Which Organ is known food pipe?
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Which instrument is known as king of instruments?

The Pipe Organ.

Which musical instrument is known as Queen of Instrument?

the pipe organ

Who discovered the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek Ctesibius.

What kind of instrument is the pipe organ?

The pipe organ is a keyboard instrument.

Which instruments are most similar to a pipe organ?

The instruments most similar to a pipe organ are:Flute (pipe organ has flute pipes of different lengths)Harmonium

When was Organ pipe coral created?

Organ pipe coral was created in 1758.

Which digestive organ has peristaltic contractions that empty food into the stomach?

You are thinking of the esophagus, the food pipe that connects the mouth to the stomach.

Did Chopin work for a church?

Not directly, but was known to have played the pipe organ in a church on rare occasions.

What is the patent number for the pipe organ?

There is none. The pipe organ was not invented. It developed in ancient times. However, there are thousands of patents concerning pipe organ parts.

What sound does an organ pipe cactus make?

Organ pipe cacti make no noise.

What country was the pipe organ made?

The first pipe organ, called the hydraulis, was invented in Greece.

When was Peragallo Pipe Organ Company created?

Peragallo Pipe Organ Company was created in 1918.