Which Jonas brother is diabetic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The answer, short and sweet, is Nick Jonas.

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Q: Which Jonas brother is diabetic
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Is Selena a diabetic?

No,She isn't.But her old boyfriend Nick Jonas is a diabetic.

What are qoutes of Nick Jonas?

slow down sugar i am diabetic < -- nick Jonas

What is everything you know about Nick Jonas?

he is a diabetic

Is it true that Nick Jonas is an diabetic?


Does nick Jonas have a diabetic problem?


Is Frankie Jonas nick Jonas's brother?

Yes! Haven't you seen all the Jonas Brother's shows? Frankie is all of the Jonas Brothers' brother! (:

Is Joe Jonas a Jonas Brother?

Yes. Joseph Adam Jonas (better known as "Joe") is a Jonas brother

What is Frankie Jonas' favorite number?

he is the Jonas bonas the Jonas brother's little brother Frankie

How much is a Jonas brother?

hmm.. i am not sure that you can buy a Jonas brother..

Who is Jonas Brother's brother?

Nick Joe and Kevin Jonas have a third brother named Frank

Who is nickolas Jonas?

a Jonas brother

What is Nick Jonas favorite candy flavor?

He is a diabetic... He probably doesn't eat candy.