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insects get food from flowers and help the flowers reproduce

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Q: Which of the following relationships is an example of mutualism?
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Which if the following relationships is an example of mutualism?

Insects get food from flowers and help the flowers reproduce - apex

Can you give at least 20 example of mutualism?

example of mutualism

What relationships exists between tree and the beetles?


What are the types of symbiotic relationships?

The types of symbiotic relationships are mutualism (both organisms benefit), commensalism (one benefits, one is unaffected), and parasitism (one benefits, one is harmed).

Mutualism and commensalism are two types of?

Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism are the three types of symbiotic relationships.

Picture of different relationships in the ecosystem?

An ecosystem consists of interconnected relationships among various organisms and their physical environment. These relationships can include predator-prey interactions, mutualistic relationships where both species benefit, and competitive relationships where species vie for resources. Ultimately, these interconnected relationships help maintain the balance and stability of the ecosystem.

What are the example of mutualism?

what are the example of commensalism

List of mutualism relationships?

Some mutualistic relationships in nature include that of a bee and a flower. Another mutualistic relationship is a whale and plankton.

Four types of symbiotic relationships?

There are only 3 types of symbiotic relationships. Commemsalism, Parasitism and Mutualism

What are the three symbiotic relationships?

Mutualism, Commensalism, and parasitic. Hope that helps

What are the different types of relationships?

Predation,parasitism,mutualism,commensalism, and competition.

What is an example of mutualism in Africa?

Commensalism relationships are between two organisms where one organism benefits, but has no effect on the other. An example that occurs in Africa is between elephant and a dung beetle. The elephant excretes waste and the ding beetle uses it as nourishment. The beetle benefits without affecting the elephant at all.