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MRI Guided HIFU is a quick and safe way to treat uterine fibroids without surgery.It involves no radiation and no scars.


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Consultation, Ultrasound, MRI Screening of the Uterus and follow up at discounted rates (for limited period)At Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi
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You would need tO see a gyn. The would give u a papsmear , ultrasound or both

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Q: Where would you go to check your ovaries?
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What are the main reasons a woman must have her ovaries removed?

A woman would have to have her ovaries removed if there was an infection in her ovaries. An infection in a woman's ovaries can be serious and life threatening. it would be safer to just remove the ovaries.

Why are my ovaries not releasing eggs?

Because it is not ready too.suggestion go see a dr.

What would cause the ovaries to be unseen on ultrasound and not found in exploratory surgery?

the ovaries not being inside you

What does the ovaries produce?

the ovaries produce the egg that will floe down the fallopian tube to be fertilised or if not go into your uterus and you have your period.

Where do your ovaries go during pregnancy?

They don't go anywhere. They stay right where they are.

Do ovaries die after tubal ligation?

They shouldn't, but if the blood supply is accidentally damaged the result would be damaged ovaries.

Can a women go threw menapause if she had a hysterectomy but still has her ovaries?

Tes. Menopause is caused by the faling of the ovaries as one ages. A hysterectomy is only removal of womb so unless you have had a bilateral oopherectomy (removal of both ovaries) you will go through the natural menopause.

How do you get estrogen if you had uterus and ovaries removed?

Usually women who have had their ovaries removed have to go through hormone replacement therapy or take a hormone pill.

Would a transwoman have to have ovaries and womb donated or do they grow during hormone therapy?

Transgendered women are sterile, they do not have ovaries or a womb.

Can you go through menopause after full hysterectomy?

Yes the hysterectomy alone is removal of the uterus and it is the ovaries failing as you get older that causes menopause. Youl will go into immediate menopause if you have you ovaries removed and are premenopausal

Do tonsils have something to do with the ovaries?

Not at all your tonsils are in your mouth and removing them would have no affect on your ability to have children, removing the ovaries on the other hand will

What is the function of your ovaries?

you need ovaries because they hold the eggs that make a woman fertile. Without ovaries, the human race would be gone! OMG! we don't want that, cuz i want kids someday!