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All veins lead to the right atrium of the heart. After the right atrium, blood goes into the right ventricle then the pulmonary arteries to the lungs. All venous emboli will eventually end up in the lungs.

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In the lungs.

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Q: Where will all venous emboli go?
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Do cerebral emboli cause strokes?

An estimated 5-14% of all strokes are caused by cerebral emboli

Is emboli plural form?

Yes, the noun 'emboli' is the plural form of the singular noun 'embolus'.

What is the most common type of emboli?

Pulmonary emboli are the most common

What is an emboli?

An embolus (plural emboli) is a freely traveling foreign mass in the bloodstream. Emboli may be made of fat, air, or other materials.

What are the types of emboli?

There are three general categories of emboli: arterial, gas, and pulmonary

Where do the vast majority of pulmonary emboli originate?

where does the vast majority of pulmonary emboli orginate

Gas emboli may occur because?

a gas emboli can occur if a diver were to hold his or her breath upon ascent

Can Emboli cause blood in the urine?

Emboli may also damage the kidneys, causing blood to appear in the urine

How does blood go from venous to bright red?

It happens when the you get apendix

What are major symptoms of pulmonary emboli?

Some of the symptoms of pulmonary emboli are pain in the chest, difficulty breathing and an overwhelming sense of dread.

What is the relationship between venous thrombosis and pulmonary emboli?

'venous thrombosis' is a blood clot in a vein. Sometimes these blood clots can break off from where there are and travel 'embolize' to the lung 'pulmonary'. When the blood clot travels to the lung, it will get stuck in an vessel in the lung and block flow in that branch of the blood vessel. In some medical studies, as many as 40% of people with blood clots in their legs or pelvis will have a PE, or pulmonary embolis. These are often small and go un-noticed. Unfortunately they can also be very serious and even lead to death.

What causes venous ulcer?

Venous ulcer are caused by venous insufficiency (improper functioning of venous valves).