Where were apples discovered?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Apples were originally grown in the Garden of Eden. The Bible mentions the apple tree when Adam tempts Eve with the apple.

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philly philly

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Tien Shan, Mountain of China.

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Q: Where were apples discovered?
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Are apples Irish?

No, some of the earliest discovered apples were found in Switzerland.

When did humans discover apples?

When apples were first discovered is lost in the mists of time, but it was a good thing.

How was the Apple discovered?

Apples were growing everywhere so everybody discovered the apple. Yeah................. Seems weird, right?

How do you get apples in acww?

Your town has to have them in the first place, however some may sweep up from the sea. I have never discovered apples though.

Who discovered and ate the first apple?

a guy called Artemis fowl who liked apples and wanted to arrange special meetings with apples

Who discovered how to riped sliced apples after turning brown?

No one. Apples cannot be ripened once they are sliced. The browning that occurs on sliced apples can only be prevented or delayed, it cannot be reversed.

Is an apple an animal?

I am professor Witkowski and i discovered that apples are animals and they are very interesting animals

Was johnny apple seed the first person to try an apple?

no he was not . he was still not born when apples were discovered.

Is an apple a animal?

I am professor Witkowski and i discovered that apples are animals and they are very interesting animals

How did newton dicover gravity?

He watched lots of apples fall from lots of apple tree, then he thought 'Why is this happening?' Then he discovered gravity.

Which city or state was apples from?

Apples were only introduced to America by the English, so they're not from anywhere in America originally. There are conflicting opinions regarding where apples came from to begin with, but some specialists think it may be south east Asia. It certainly wasn't America ! Apples were planted along the Nile, in Egypt around 1300BC. Long before America was even discovered.

What scientist is associated with an apple falling from a tree?

Issac Newton as he discovered gravity with apples falling from a tree.