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Ireland dublin 1693

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Q: Where was the first ciggarete made?
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What was banned from US TV in 1971?

ciggarete commercials

If you have a cut on your lip and share a ciggarete with someone on the cut what diseases can you get?

You might catch his aids , as he may pass it on his saliva.

Can you eat flavored ciggarete paper?

Actually you can and it's slightly nutritional because of the little percentage of nutrients in the paper from the tree.

You smoke Now it makes you want to throw up Does that mean Im pregnant?

I have heard from several of my smoking friends that one of the first signs that they were pregnant is that when they went to lite up a ciggarete that it made them sick to their stomach. They said that they were only a few weeks along at the time because they had not missed their period yet, but later found out that they were pregnant.

Can you smoke ciggarete's if you took an ecstasy pill?

Yes. You can. But you can also get carried away with smoking too much, so if you are going to take ecstasy, be careful.

What type of weathering increases mass wasting?

Acid rain causes more mass wasting when people pollute the enviroment and when they smoke make too much use of ciggarete

Can smoking harm your pets?

I would recommend not smoking around pets, it can harm them, when you decide that you need a ciggarete or another joint, go smoke outside or away from all pets and other people.

When was the first made made?

The first can was made in 1898.

What are the main affects of smoking?

Well, im only in yr 10 but I no the main affects are stained fingernails, stained teeth, coughing, unfit, blisters where you hold the ciggarete, smelly breat & clothes, your voice goes wierd and theres thousands more that I just con't think of at the mo. Oh, every time you inhale ciggarete smoke, it kills off some air bag-type things in your lungs. These never grow back or re-produce. So every time you smoke you are killing your lungs a little more.

What made the first football?

the first ball was made of cack the first ball was made of cack

Who was made first Mario or sonic?

Mario was made first but I am not sure if they made Nintendo first.

Who made the first element?

Space made hydrogen first...but technetium wat the first man made