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Contact your City Health Department. Its website should have a nurse line you can call and ask where a testing clinic or health clinic is located. They may let you call anonymously but regardless will keep your info confidential as required by law.

The nurse phone number can often be found in the front of the phone book where city and state help numbers to call are listed. A nurse can direct you to a free or low-cost clinic for the simple test.

This is assuming you do not have a regular doctor you see for checkups or illness. If you have a regular doctor they can do the test. You may also get the test at a "walk in clinic" or "immediate medical are center" just ask before seeing the doctor to make sure they do the test and ask the cost first, if you do not have insurance.

But if uninsured, going through the city is the best option to find a low-cost or free clinic. At free clinics it is nice to make a small donation as a thank you to the doctors and nurses and help pay the clinic testing costs, even if only a few dollars. The people work hard there.

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Q: Where to go get TB test in Chicago?
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What other issues can cause a positive reading of a TB skin test?

exposure to TB and having had a BCG vaccine.

What is the diagnosis code for TB test?

Screening Pulmonary TB V74.1 TB Test Reaction 795.5 Exposure to TB v01.1

Where in Charlotte NC can you go to get a TB test done?

CVS offers cheap TB tests ($34). No appointment needed.

Do you need to fast before a tuberculosis test?

No, you do not. A TB test is a skin test placed in your forearm. You must return to have the test read 2-3 days after it is placed. Do not scratch the TB test or it will turn red. Only your nurse, PA, DR can correctly read the TB test so be sure to go back to have it read.

Is it safe to have a TB skin test if you already have a positive TB skin test and also have aortic valve regurgitation?

It is contraindicated to have a second TB test after a previous positive test result.

Can a school require a TB test?

Yes a school can require you to get a TB test, so it doesn't spread.

Where can someone get a free tb test done at in phoenix Arizona?

To get a TB test done in Phoenix, Arizona patients can go to the Minute Clinic. The Minute Clinic is provided by CVS Pharmacy.

What is a negative test result for a TB test?

In people who have not been exposed to TB, there will be little or no swelling at the test site after 48-72 hours. This is a negative test result.

What is the Mentoux test?

The Mentoux Test is a skin test the screens for TB.

Will marijuana show up in a tb test?

No, weed treats TB.

How does lab test blood for TB?

Blood is not drawn for a TB test. There are two ways to test for TB. One is a skin test where they insert a bit of the TB under your skin and then in two days they read it. If there is no reaction you are OK. If there is a reaction a X ray of your chest is taken. As a teacher I am required by law to have a TB test every 2 years. Only once have I had a reaction to the skin test, so I guess I was exposed at some point, but the X ray showed that there was nothing.

What is the medical term meaning Tb skin test?

The medical term meaning Tb skin test is Mantoux. It's a term that refers to a skin test to check for tuburculosis.