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Q: Where to buy sulfadiazine cream?
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What is Silver Sulfadiazine Cream?

An antibiotic cream typically used for wound healing.

Can you put silver sulfadiazine cream on a dog?

I am a certified veterinary technician working in a small animal practice and we use silver sulfadiazine cream all of the time. We normally use it on the dogs paw pads when they sustain and injury to them. As always first see your veterinarian if it is not a minor injury!

Can you use silver sulfadiazine cream on a diaper rash?

My doctor gave my toddler silver sulfadiazine for a diaper rash and it is the only thing that works when she gets diarrhea and a bad diaper rash. There have been no ill effects.

Where can you buy silver sulfadiazine without prescription?

You could probably get some from a vet.

Can you use ssd cream on diaper rash?

Silver Sulfadiazine cream (SSD) is used to help treat wound sepsis in patients that have second and third degree burns to their skin. It is not recommended as a diaper rash cream.

Whqt else can silver sulfadiazine be used for?

Silver sulfadiazine is primarily used topically to prevent or treat infections in burn wounds. However, it has also been explored for its potential antimicrobial properties in other skin conditions such as leg ulcers and bed sores. Additionally, some studies suggest that silver sulfadiazine may have applications in veterinary medicine for treating skin infections in animals.

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you can buy this cream at an ordinary medical shop

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