Where to buy acetone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can buy acetone from various retail stores such as Walgreens. You can also buy acetone from hardware stores such as Ace Hardware.

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Q: Where to buy acetone?
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Can you buy acetone in ASDA?

On the ASDA website, there is a product called "Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover" that contains acetone. They also list a Sally Hansen nail polish remover that contains acetone.

What does nail polish contain that can damage your nails?

acetone, and it is damaging because it is very harsh and drying. try to buy a polish remover that says "acetone free"

Will acetone melt glue?

Acetone will destroy most plastics. Try Goof-off. Or go to a salon or Walmart and buy non-acetone nail polish remover. That works on some solvent-based glues.

How do you remove address numbers on a house that have been affixed with liquid nails?

Easy. If the nail glue says it can get removed by acetone buy a acetone nail varnish remover

What nail varnish is the best?

Acetone dissolves nail polish. You can get the kind with Gelatin, fragrance (questionable tho because the smell of acetone is so strong), dyes and nail conditioners, or you can just go to Home Depot and buy a quart of acetone. They do the same thing.

Does acetone reacts with acetone?

No, because when you add acetone to acetone, all you are doing is adding more of the volume of acetone to acetone. You are just changing the amount of acetone, not anything chemically happening.

How many type of acetone?

Yes, mainly there are 3 types of acetone: regular acetone, acetone with enriched formula, maximum strength acetone.

Is there a minimum age to buy acetone?

I don't believe so, it is an open sale in most hw stores.

What happens to acetone molecules when you add heat to a breaker of liquid acetone?

Acetone molecules evaporate when you add heat to a beaker of liquid acetone.

Acetone in oxygen?

Acetone burns in oxygen.

Can acetone be used in cars?

Its ethanol.. NOT acetone!!

Is acetone hygroscopic?

Acetone is not known as hygroscopic.