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French Revolution; socially conservative

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Q: Where the Romantics were inspired by the the Victorians were more?
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Where they were inspired by the radical political and social upheaval of the French Revolution they were more socially conservative?

Romantics; Victorians

What were inspired by the radical political and social upheaval of the French Revolution?

romantics; Victorians

British romantics more influential than American romantics?

Absolutely not:-)

The Romantics' subjective approach to literature was inspired by what?

The idea (associated with the French Revolution) that individual desires should matter

What movement did the romantics make an effort to depart from the classically inspired formally rigid and witty social commentary of poetry?


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Why did the night appeal to the romantics more than day?


Did the Victorians havetelivisions?

No, they weren't invented until 1940's and Victorians were in the 1800's. A 100 years or more difference.

Romantics were more interested in than their Neoclassical predecessors who valued?

subjectivity; objectivity

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