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Really, you could go anywhere that you feel comfortable. Most couples would prefer to be in a private place, say on the beach, in a romantic area. It also depends greatly on the situation and circumstances. Also on the age of the person/people.

Obviously if your a teenager like i am, then you might want to go behind a building or in a place where no one knows where you might be. But this is only if you trust the guy, and know he wouldn't do anything inapropriate. If you don't want to get caught with this person, then you need to make sure no one sees you leave with him. To me the bigest thing is to just kiss when it is appropriate.

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a slight kiss on the cheek is a good place for a first kiss

i think that at the right moment will be the good time i mean i didnrt have my first kiss yet but i dont think that changes anything

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Q: Where should you kiss a guy for your first kiss?
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What is the best kiss for a first kiss?

closed mouth, guy should start it

When should a guy have his first kiss?

I say you should have your first real kiss (not like elementary) when he's sometime in his teens.

What kind of move should the guy make?

In my opinion the guy should make the first move on the first kiss.

Should a guy make the move for a first kiss?


At what age should a guy have his first kiss?

when Eva you freakin ready,

When should you have the first kiss with a guy?

When he looks at you and/or talks/touches you a lot.

How should a girl try to kiss a guy that she's not dating for the first time and how many dates should we have before I kiss him?


When do you know if she wants you to kiss her?

if you think its the right time then go for it, but the first kiss should be closed mouth and the guy should start it

How can you get the best out of your first kiss?

always closed mouth guy should start it

Is it better for a guy to initiate the first kiss or should he ask her for the kiss first?

I would ask, that way if she doesn't want to kiss you, you won't be embaressed. let him do wahtever he wants(:

Should the guy kiss the girl first or should the girl kiss him?

The guy should defininetly make the first move. But for their first kiss, he should go 90% and WAIT for her to go the last 10%. Don't thrust yourself on her, if she wants you, she'll go in for the last 10. Just kidding, the girl should tottally do it first. :) Do it on a park bench in the local park for romanticism Or do it in an elevator going down.

How do you get a guy to kiss you if you are gay?

You should probably get to know him first. Go out on a date or two.