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NOT on the status of 'friends.'

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Q: Where should a relationship be in 6 months?
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When should all parents meet in a relationship in son relationship?

after a year and so or maybe even 6 months but be sure you love the person

How long should you wait to marry someone if you were in a relationship with them before?

A few months.

What is one thing you would compromise on in a serious relationship?

it depends on how long the relationship. 1-4 months=a lot can be compromised 5-8 months-almost nothing 6+ your life only(or their's)

When should you start walker for babies?

6 months.

What age should you neuter a chiuaua?

6 months

What age should a rabbit be spayed?

About 6 months

Will you ever have a long term relationship with the girl you love?

I'm in a relationship with the girl I love and we've beentogether for 6 months sooo... yeah it does happen.

Should you tell your boyfriend of 6 months of your arrest of drugs?

Sure. If he loves and cares for you he isn't going to mind a drug offense, so long as your relationship with him has shown him that you are past all that now.

At what age should babies start to eat solid food?

about 9 months

When chihuahuas get there period?

You should watch out for that when they are 6 months and so on.

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At least 6 months.

You want 6 months visa to be in lima. what i should do?