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space at base of figure on coin containing date

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Find in find in the lesson

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Q: Where might you find an exergue?
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Where would you find a exergue?

where would i find an exergue

Where might find an exergue?

space at base of figure on coin containing date

Where you find exergue?

On the backside of a medal.

What is the exergue on a British Penny?

The "exergue" on any coin is usually an otherwise blank space below the main design where the year is often located. In the case of predecimal British Pennies and Halfpennies, it is the space below Britannia.

What is the name of the space below the design on a coin on which the date is usually stamped?


What is the space of the reverse of a coin for the date?

The required solution is exegue. This is believed to be a variant on the more correct exergue.

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