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Right below the head of a penis. It's not necessarily the 'g-spot', but a sensitive spot via touching, licking, etc.

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Q: Where is the mans g-spot?
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Where is the male gspot?

It's located in the prostate.

Do men have a gspot?

No, only women have a G spot.

What is a hinge in your body?

it's the curve inside a womans vagina that leads to the uterus, usually where the Gspot is meant to be, though not known famously, though a mans g spot is in his anus, that part of a womans body is usually reached easier through anal sex.

How do you stimulate gspot?

Place your finger inside your vagina like you are trying to rub your belly button from the inside of your vagina. About 2 inches inside the vaginal opening on the FRONT of the vaginal wall is the GSPOT.

What services does the company GSpot Automotive offer to its customers?

The company GSpot Automotive offers car parts to their customers. They have tires and rims, transmission and engine blocks. It appears these products are for racing cars.

What is GSpot freeware used for?

Gspot freeware allows one to identify codecs used in file videos in order to determine what needs to be installed on one's computer in order to watch that video file.

What is the male gspot?

the male g-spot is 2 in. inside your anu.

How do you hit gspot?

Inside the front wall of the will know when you hit it

How many inches does your penis have to be to reach a female gspot?

2-3 inches.

Did lesbians invent the gspot?

No. The G Spot is named after the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg.

Where is the gspot?

It's different for everyone, but hunny, you will definitely know when you found...if you know what I mean...wink wink (;

How do you play with a womens gspot?

make sure your fingers are wet. Then palm up insert them with a gentle arch in your fingers

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