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It's right underneath the QR code, where that blank orange space is. It's a little transparent. I was asking the same question but then I found it, mine is out of date o.o

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Q: Where is the expiry date on kinder surprise egg?
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Where can you buy kinder egg joys from?

You can purchase all the Kinder Surprise Eggs from They ship to me down in Florida with no problems.

What is an kinder egg?

A kinder egg is a kindof sweets. It is made of chocolate and because it is hallow inside there is a little surprise toy hidden in it. It is made by a lot of different factories now. 'Kinder' means 'child' in English.

Is kinder surprise Easter edition egg nut free?

yeah, pretty much

What are kinder eggs?

Kinder eggs is chocolate eggs with brown chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside of the egg. And inside the egg it's a toy surprise. You could buy Kinder eggs in a 3-pack or only one egg if you want. And now you could buy small 21 grams Kinder-bars in a 6-pack, the name of this is "Kinder Maxi".

What are little egg-shaped candies?

Jelly beans, Jordan almonds, and Kinder Joy are examples of egg-shaped candies.

What is a Kinder egg you want one?

Kinder egg is sold in European and Canadian markets (not in the US). It is a chocolate egg wrapped in foil. Inside the egg there is a toy that you snap together.

What is the weight of an kinder egg?

30000000000 kg

Where can you find a list of kinder egg toys?


How much did a kinder egg cost?

around 99p

How do you enter a kinder egg code?

go on Googel

You have over 1000 kinder egg items collected from early 1970 are they worth anything?

They should be. Kinder Suprise toys are a big thing for collectors.

If the sun crashed into an invisible kinder egg what would happen?

The sun would win.