Where is the best place for sex beside bed?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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I recon the best place to have sex other than in a bed is a car, lounge, or maby on the floor if it is a soft carpet.

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Q: Where is the best place for sex beside bed?
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What type of bed is best for sex?

that would be a bed of nails

What is the best home tanning bed?

the bed is a masturbater sex bed with boobs picture on it

Where is the sex place?

Bed it feels nice for women

Where does sex take place?

It usually happens in a bed or in a bedroom!

What do you do if you have a gay person in bed?

the bed can serve as a place to watch tv from, to sleep to to engage in sex

Where is the best sex place other than the bed?

hmm. a bike, a car, a sofa, in the toilet of a restaurant, up against the wall ;) have fun

Why do people like doing it in bed?

People "do it" or have sex/hump in bed because it is a place were you fell safe and privet PS. I "do it" in my bed all the time

Is the bed supposed to be wet after sex?

Not necessarily. The wetness comes from sweat and perspiration and it's best to shower after sex.

How men make women happy on bed both sex?

Just stick it in there and hope for the best.

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The mother will choose the best place she thinks is the best place. Usually if you make a bed for her in a quiet area where no other animals really come in contact with her she will normally choose where you lead her if it is safe. Just make sure she has enough space to stretch out in every direction and she can jump or walk out of her bed any time she wants. Make sure she has access to food and fresh water at all times.

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like sex yall

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