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Q: Where is a permanent record of urine intake and output kept?
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What factors affect urine output?

There are many things that affect an animal's urine output such as food intake. Beverage intake also affects an animal's urine output.

What happens if urine output is greater than intake?

If urine output is greater than intake a pressure differential will exist between inside and outside the urethra and as a result you will urinate your internal organs out.

What is intake and output in Nursing or Medicine?

Intake is the amount of fluids someone takes in and output is how much urine they excreted. It's used to monitor fluid balance.

How much urine does humans produce per minute?

The bladder's capacity of storing urine is about 500ml. In intake and output , we should at least have 30 ml of urine per hour.

How long to pass fluid intake?

urine output must be 1 ml/hr and what goes in in one hour should equal output Joymaker RN

How and why do you monitor a persons urine output?

The urine output is measured to assess the kidneys status. It is also measured to know the ratio of fluid intake and fluid lost in urine. The method to measure is simple. The urine is made in a measuring bag and when it gets filled up, discarded and another bag is attached. The person can be catheterized or if fit he/she can make urine directly in measuring utensil.

Will urine levels drop after you stop taking Valium?

The detectable trace elements of the drug will drop over time, but unless you stop your intake of fluids, the quantity of your output of urine should not.

How many time urine daily?

The output of urine & frequency depends on 1. climatic changes 2. intake of fluids(glycerine content)/medications 3. age 4. ailments like diabetes etc. Normally it is 4-6 times a day with output of + 1500 cc urine on average

In no more than one line, explain why when investigating the primary hypocalciuric hypercalcemia we measure the ratio of (Urine calcium/urine creatinin) not just urine calcium?

Measuring the ratio of urine calcium to urine creatinine corrects for differences in urine concentration due to variations in fluid intake and urinary output.

How much urine is produced in one day?

the normal urine output is 30ml per hour. so if your going to get the 24 hour output - 30x24 - it will give you 720ml per day.

Normal daily urine output in a male?

For a male OR female, drinking about 2 liters of fluid a day, the normal urine output should be 800 to 2,000 milliliters a day. Urine output below 500 milliliters a day is considered a low urine output and is a sign of disease.

Does cardiac output affect urine output?

Certainly. Decrease cardiac output would mean a decreased in blood flow to the kidneys, which would lead to reduced filtration, therefore urine output.