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It's broken down into components and recycled by the body

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Q: Where does the scar tissue go when it breaks up?
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How long does it hurt after scare tissue breaks up?

It will usually hurt for about a week after you break scar tissue up. This is because you are initially doing damage to your skin.

What are the contraindications of recent scar tissue?

why is recent scar tissue restricted from make up application

Will a piercing scar if you have only had it three months?

As long as there is jewellery in the piercing the piercing will not scar, it will form new tissue that makes up the piercing. If the jewellery is removed before the piercing is allowed to heal completely this tissue will join together and form scar tissue.

Can scar tissue be detected by an ultrasound?

I had surgery and they open me up and told me iI had to much scarred tissue to perform the procedure.

What are tissue made out of?

It is a replacement tissue in an injured tissue, which is made up of connective tissue reguardless of whether the injury was in fact on the epithelium level. It is considered non-funtional because it does not carry out the function of the tissue that was replaced.

What is Vaginal stenosis?

Vaginal stenosis-- Narrowing of the vagina due to a build-up of scar tissue.

What enzyme breaks up a blood clot in the heart?

Tissue plasminogen activator.

Do belly button piercings scar?

Let's get this straight for you and every other reader of this post. Body piercing doesn't form scar tissue. Scar tissue is formed when tissue is cut and then allowed to rejoin, this joint area forms scar tissue ( adisorganised formation of tissue, thus no ability to stretch ). Body Piercings form skin, this is an organised formation of tissue which allows it to stretch once fully healed. If the jewellery is removed before the tissue heals then it can bond to itself and loose it's ability to stretch. You are forming a tube of skin or a "fistula" this is the clinical term for the tube your body tries to form around the jewellery. So the only time you would end up with "scar tissue" is if you remove the jewellery before it is healed (this can take up to one year in most cases).

What happens to the liver if a disease is of long duration?

Scar tissue builds up on the liver if disease is of long duration.

Does scar tissue of the lower abdomen show up on a ct scan with contrast?

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When would you use a friction massage?

Friction is used in deep tissue and Swedish to break up adhesions and scar tissue in the tissues. It also helps to activate muscles.

How are scars formed?

Scars are formed as a result of intentional or unintentional injury to tissue. Healing causes scar tissue to form creating built up and scarred areas.