Where does excess energy go in the body?

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It is stored as fat below the skin and in blood vessels.

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Q: Where does excess energy go in the body?
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When there is imbalance excess energy is stored in the body as?


Where do animals store excess energy?

Body fat.

How are excess fatty acids stored in the body?

for storing energy

What mechanism of the body will rid of excess chemicals?

The body stores excess chemical energy in the form of fats. Exercise will break the complex bonds of fat to release usable energy.

What does carbohydrate do for the body?

Carbohydrates are broken down to release energy for the cells in the body. If an excess of energy is produced, the extra energy will be stored as fat.

How human body deal with excess glucose?

The human body deals with excess glucose by turning it into glycogen, fatty acids, triglycerides, or energy.

How does sugar effect your body?

Sugar does many things for your body. Mainly, it acts to provide energy. If this energy is not used up, the excess energy is stored as fat on the body.

When energy is ingested in excess of needs the excess?

It is stated that if the excess foods are ingested beyond the body's energy needs, the excess foods are then converted into fat. It is also stated that if insufficient calories are ingested then the deduction of energy is made up by oxidizing fat reserves.

What does your body do with excess energy?

Fats get piled up if you don't use this energy and will make unhealthy.

What happens if your body takes in more food energy than it needs?

body usually store the excess of energy in the form of ATP.

Why do your bodies store excess chemical energy of carbohydrates as fats?

Because your body has to store these fats for later. Like if you started to starvi these is what your body would eat off of. And storing the excess chemicals energy aslo saves energy to your body so you can should it when the body thinks it needs energy because your body ia always moving so there for you always need energy stored in the body

Which energy-yielding nutrients lead to storage of body fat?

Any energy-yielding nutrients that are ingested in excess will be stored as body fat.

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